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We are a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you. Some of colleagues and members:

Jonathan Groff, Emboba Antigo, Maria Tailor, Hassan Karimy, Gia Tevzadze, Alexi Markov, Grigor Petrosyan, Ziyad Alemzade, Abioye Diyaya Altobua, Toni Onyilogwu, Salar Seyf…

Hamed Kazemzadeh

Hamed Kazemzadeh

Research Director (2017-2020)Program Officer (2018-2020)

Graduated Conflict Studies from Saint Paul University-University of Ottawa. Environmental Activist, Peace-builder in ISSICEU, Monitoring and Evaluation of conflicts, International and Public Relations, Gender Equality and women’s rights in the Asia and MENA, Member of Greenpeace International in Caucasus, Communication Officer

Area: Europe, Asia, Canada, Middle East

Email me: hkaze065@uottawa.ca

Amuja Jura

Director (2019-2021)

Peace maker, Environmental Activist, Member of Humanitarian aid, Monitoring and Evaluation of research and staffs, Women Rights, Communication Officer

Area: Africa, America

Email me: amuja.jura@academicpeace.ca

Anahita Shahrokhi

Anahita Shahrokhi

Assistant Director (2019-2021) / Research Officer

Environmental Activist, Archaeologist, Member of Greenpeace International, Women’s rights Activist, Monitoring and Evaluation of Heritages in Danger, Women Rights

Area: Canada, Middle East, Central Asia

Email me: anahita.shahrokhi@agmail.com

Samuel Bright

Financial Director (2020-2022)

M.A Conflict Studies at Saint Paul University, Peace Activist

Area: North America, South Asia

Email me: s.bright76@gmail.com

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